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Usual mistakes

There are many usual mistakes that have to be corrected when making a new set of pages. The following guide was made for using the ruby Html Assembler v5 but some still apply in 4.5.x version especially the Ruby one.

File not found when trying to load a recipe: try a folder path without spaces and if in windows without non English characters.

Incorrect header: the recipe should be saved as to use the new line character of the file system in use. So if working in windows you should be able to see many lines when opening the recipe with the regular Microsoft Notepad. If not, use Notepad++ go in Edit->EOL Conversion->Windows Then save. In Linux should be saved as a Unix file in Gedit.

Mismatch of declared counts in the recipe with the actual items in the list produce usually one html with name "PATH NAME.html" or no html pages at all. Also the empty lines between the different definitions menu set/menu headers/menus/pagegroups/pages should be only one.

Program doesn't find the desc.txt or tech.txt files. Then error will be raised with file not found message and the filepath.

Unexpected results can happen sometimes preventing from creating the html files when page/menu/group reference numbers contain errors, that kind of errors can be seen in errors in the treeview of some pages (links like these: >...>...>... or Next, Previous, Up)