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Html Assembler is a static website/webpages generator. More on static web pages in Wikipedia.

Html Assembler automatically integrates page content such as text and photos in a modifiable page template creating a complete set of html files. The created files are automatically linked together, can be previewed locally or directly uploaded to a website.

The input is a recipe file with a list of the menus, the pages and their relations, along with folders with the text and photos. The output files are light, clean coded html files valid to the xhtml 1.1 standards. All the html style is defined in a CSS template.

The recipe file is a text file witch acts as the user interface to the program. The recipe file was designed with the principle to be simple to make with a notepad editor but powerful enough to cover flexible tree like page hierarchy and flexible menu actions.

Html Assembler is a cross-platform application because of Ruby availability for almost every possible platform.

This is free software!

Feel free to rate, review or contact me:
John Lakkas, email: john _ lakkas {at} yahoo . gr
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Sample website of Version 4.6:

Sample website of Version 5, this and:

Sample website of Version 4.5.x: